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Made with
by Alex Iglesias.

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You can play with it, clone the project or check the documentation to learn how to use it.

It checks if all the required inputs are filled in order to jump to the next step.
It even checks if the email is valid!
Once you click "Next", a hidden form will be submited with this initial inputs.

It validates all kind of inputs

That's right, you can insert required fields, checkboxes, select dropdowns and radio choices. If an input is not correct, the script will add a warning class to it.

The height of the slider mask is dynamically set to always fit the content height in any device.

And it even displays the input values

The form automatically populates the following list with the inputs of your choice.
Here you can see all the info you provided:

  • First name:
  • Email:
  • Checkbox:
  • Service:
  • Amount:
  • Variant:
  • Notes:

Also, the Next button switches to Submit when displaying the last step.

Your submission has been received! And I will delete it, don't worry about spam.
You can clone the project or check the documentation to learn how to use it.
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