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Comprehensive Evaluation

New evaluations:
A comprehensive review of symptoms, as well as personal and family history to help us understand what works for you and what doesn’t when it comes to treatment. We provide a complete overview of medications that are always discussed in full for your comfort.

Follow up appointments:
Appointments are never rushed. We take our time to initiate, review, and adjust a treatment plan specifically designed for you.

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Medication Management

Should a patient require medication, we work collaboratively to find the most effective option. We take several things into consideration when making this decision, such as medical history, allergies/intolerances, and lifestyle. Medication can be an important piece of comprehensive care. At CBH, we monitor our patients' medications by regularly scheduled check-ins, and encourage open and honest communication from our patients.

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Typically, services are carried out via a HIPAA protected platform with a video call. This is critical when dealing with patients who reside in rural areas, when patients are unable to drive due to physical limitations, or during a pandemic.

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TMS is an innovative technology for treatment-resistant depression that uses magnetic pulses to restore the limited activity of a depressed brain. It is FDA-approved, non-invasive, covered by most insurance providers, and virtually free of side effects.

TMS is very effective for treating depressed patients who have tried medications but did not achieve adequate results. Over half of patients respond to TMS and more than one-third achieve remission.

TMS is a long-lasting treatment for depression. Over two-thirds of patients retain their response one year post-TMS. For those patients who relapse, over 80% of them respond to a second round of TMS.

Over 40% of patients with depression do not achieve remission from antidepressants. Medications can often produce unwanted side effects, such as fatigue, drowsiness, weight gain, nausea, and sexual problems, to name few.

TMS is virtually free of side effects because it is non-systemic and does not enter the blood stream like medications. The magnetic pulses pass through your scalp and into the desired brain location. You'll hear clicking sounds and it can feel like a knocking, tapping, or tingling sensation on your head. Some patients may experience a headache or scalp sensitivity in the treatment location.

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Our therapists provide a safe and trusting environment to help you learn about your mood, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. We have a diverse staff who all have their individual approach and style to their therapy. Having a multidisciplinary team enables our patients to work with the therapist that best fits their unique needs. Whether you have a clinical diagnosis or not, therapy is a wonderful opportunity to grow as an individual with the guidance of our well-informed and nonjudgmental professionals.

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